Anki is a company whose products always seem to delight.

We love Cozmo, we love Vector.

codelab-adapter is a software that connect Scratch3.0 to the open-source hardware, IoT and AI.

We make a codelab-adapter extension to connect Vector to Scratch3.0. It just like Cozmo codelab.

Now the Vector extension is built into the codelab-adapter!

Video tutorial

for Windows

for MacOS/Linux


install pyzmq

Linux/MacOS user: pip3 install pyzmq --user

windows user: pip install pyzmq --user

Install the SDK on your system

Follow Vector official tutorial: Initial Setup

If the following code runs smoothly: python3 , go to the next step.

Download codelab-adapter

Download codelab-adapter

run it

find your local python3 path(Windows users can skip this step)

edit ~/codelab_adapter/extensions/, replace python3_path with your local python3 path: which python3.

restart codelab-adapter.

Open Scratch3.0


Open extension_vector


Enjoy it :)

Here are some demo cases(just like Cozmo CodeLab):

Vector and Leap Motion

Switch Labo and Vector

Candy Language for Vector